. Guest Rooms

Metropolitan Inn

524 S. West Temple St.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101





Our hotel offers 60 rooms, 24 rooms with a king size bed and 34 rooms with 2 queen beds. We also have 2 suites for those that have a need for a larger more comfortable room. Every room in the hotel has tempur-pedic mattresses. All of these rooms are easily accessible, and you won't have to walk very far with luggage to get to your room. All of our rooms include the following amenities: AM/FM alarm clock - Coffee maker - Free local telephone calls - Tempur-pedic beds - Cable TV - Hair dryer

Our king room offers 1 king bed, this room will accommodate up to 2 people comfortably.

Our queen room offers 2 queen beds, this room will accommodate up to 4 people comfortably.

We offer pet rooms to our guests who want to bring their furry best friend to accompany them on their journey. The pet fee is $25.00 every 3 nights.

Murphy Suite

The Murphy Suite offers 2 queen beds, this room will accommodate 4 people comfortably. You will also be able to relax on the comfortable leather couch, a perfect spot to catch up on that book or magazine that you have been wanting to read. There is also a desk so you can work on your laptop, or get some paper work done for the office. Included in the suite will be a microwave and refrigerator enabling you to keep your drinks cold, and heat up some delicious snacks!

Tempur-pedic Mattresses

TEMPUR® material responds to your body’s unique shape, weight, and temperature, automatically adapting to support your body. So whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach (or change positions during the night) the mattress conforms to you. You get the exact support and comfort your body needs.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses adapt to the curves of your body, supporting you evenly. Heavier areas, like your shoulders and hips, sink in further, while lighter areas sink in less. Even support allows for better alignment, so your body can more fully relax, and you experience deeper sleep.